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Airsoft Mutation

Airsoft Mutation Jaeger Piston

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$23.00 USD
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$23.00 USD
The end all, be all piston. Indestructible 3D printed nylon body. Pre AOE modified and epoxied rack. Virtually 0 wobble for improved cycling. Lightweight design to maximize efficiency. 
  • Direct drop-in fit for most gearboxes (G&G, KWA, Krytac, VFC and other compatible gearboxes)

  • Hardened 14 Teeth steel rack pre-epoxied with pre-grinded angled tooth for optimal AOE correction

  • Enhanced size/shape to allow non-wobbly and smooth cycling while keeping full compatibility

  • Incredibly lightweight despite the massive increase in pickup tooth support. Approx 14-15g.

  • Heavily reinforced 3D printed Nylon body

  • Quality control on every individual piston for correct dimensions, under and over extrusions

  • Made with USA prime resin Nylon filament (no glass or carbon fiber reinforcement) - increases impact resistance and essentially eliminates nearly all piston rail wear

  • Essentially indestructible under normal heavy airsoft stressed usage

  • Always ensure correct fitment – This piston has been manufactured with precise tolerances when installed correctly – Professional installation is recommended.